Free delivery on all orders above £70
Free delivery on all orders above £70

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Your Wardrobe Extender

For Walkies, Workies & Drinkies

Full of TLC

The brand aims to provide unparalleled service to its customers. From a delightful online shopping experience to impeccable packaging, swiftly delivered, and first class customer care, the label embodies the philosophy of exceeding expectations.

The Brand

Marine Leduc-Soudan is the founder of Fringe London, a collection of timeless detachable collars created for women eager to upgrade their daily outfit.

The collars are designed in London and accented with the French touch of the founder. In fact, the effortless Parisian chic paired with the British eccentricity is at the core of the brand’s soul. Each creation reflects the founder’s personal universe in addition to the sense of femininity and playfulness which gives the label its unique identity.