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Our Muses

Focus on : Candice

Candice, is an English-born brunette who lives in Notting Hill with Sepand, her boyfriend, Monty, their French Bulldog and Matilda their cat.
She leads a successful career in finance however she is not your typical compliance manager : Candice has an impressive thirst for fashion and parties. The jumpsuit addict never says no to an Espresso Martini (or two) and eagerly attend music festivals around the world such as Burning Man, Glastonbury and Wilderness before performing a few dance moves in Ibiza to wrap up the summer.
Her super power? Feeling so confident and natural in front of the camera! Believe it or not, Candice never modeled before her shoot for Fringe London but immediately demonstrated her hidden talent which a lot of us can be jealous of!
On one side she’s a head-strong, determined woman with a real sense for open and honest discussion and on the other she’s also caring, emotional and a tiny bit vulnerable which makes her even more irresistible.
We’re feeling inspired and we hope you’ll be too…