Free delivery on all orders above £70
Free delivery on all orders above £70

Who We support



Fringe London proudly supports Women for Women by donating £1 per order. This way, you not only upgrade your outfit when shopping with us, but you also get to help women in countries affected by conflict like Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Rwanda.


 What Women for Women does ?

Established in 1993, the organisation has now helped over 462,000 marginalised women in 8 different countries. It provides them with a year-long educational program which teaches them basic business skills, their fundamentals rights, how to manage their health and the importance of hygiene and good nutrition in their families.

 After the training has been completed, Women for Women further supports their economic empowerment by connecting them to the right organisations to increase their ability to earn, save, and be independant.

 The charity also engages men, teaching 15'000 of them since the beginning, as they are key elements when it comes to making women more autonomous and empowered.


How do we work with Women for Women ?

Fringe London donates £1 for every order received. We are sponsoring a sister which means every month £25 is dedicated to finance a woman’s year-long program that gives her the tools she needs to support her children and transform her life forever. Any additional money that will be collected will be donated to this same charity at the end of the month directly through their website.

 If you think £1 is not enough and would like to be further involved, feel free to visit to donate and why not sponsor a sister as an individual.

Thank you so much for your support towards both Women for Women and Fringe London.

With Love,


You can contact us at if you are already involved with other charities and do not wish to donate more, we will refund you £1 directly on your card after you have placed your order.